Daniel Aguilar, Senior Associate

From the first ba-dum of "Law and Order," Daniel Aguilar knew he wanted to work as an attorney. His resolve to pursue this career was fueled when he was told he wouldn’t be able to do it. But joke’s on those folks, because after Daniel passed the bar, he went to work for State Fund, learning about the complexities and ever-changing details of the law. No case is the same in Workers’ Compensation, which keeps things interesting. He sees each case from both sides, having seen family and friends go through the workers’ compensation process. These experiences have helped him to anticipate any issues, streamlining the handling of a file from beginning to conclusion. Going through someone’s case is like figuring out a puzzle, whether he’s applying past experiences to a new case, or learning something entirely new. He brings his background and past experience to get the best possible result for clients. But it is winning cases that Daniel is most passionate about.

Born in California, Daniel has lived in the state his whole life, spending most of it in Fresno. He loves that as the city grows, it still retains a small-town feel while there are plenty of things to do. His favorite things about California are well, everything! From Fresno he and his wife can go skiing in an hour, the beach in 2, and not to mention that much of the country’s food is grown in California. He also loves the diversity of the state. Outside of work, he and his wife enjoy visiting theme parks and escaping to fabulous Las Vegas. For the past 10 years, Daniel has also worked with Toys for Tots.

Philosophy BA - 1999

McGeorge School of Law
Juris Doctor 2003

Legal Assistant: Rocio Basulto

Email: Daguilar@KHLlawyers.com