Stephanie Krell, Hearing Representative

Stephanie realized that when she was majoring in Math, she did not have the desire to pursue a career as an engineer considering she was constantly surrounded by them. It just wasn’t the path for her. But what this course did instill in her was a way to develop analytical and objective approaches to the law. She began working at an applicant’s firm Dan Trammell who mentored, teaching her case and lien handing for the Motion Picture Pension & Health Plan. When he retired, he recommended that she stay in the workers’ compensation field, but to give the defense side a try. Having worked on both sides, and the fact that her husband runs an applicant attorney practice, she has developed her own creative approach to case handing. Stephanie loves the medicine aspect of claims: to see the films and diagnostic reports, reviewing past medical history. These come together to allow her to provide clients a quick exposure assessment and a potential early exit to avoid costly litigation practices. She is an advocate for each client and works to represent them, knowing they trust her to handle their claims from inception until the very last lien has resolved.

A native Angeleno, Stephanie can’t think of anywhere else she’d rather live. Los Angeles is her hometown. One simply cannot beat the restaurant scene, or the incredible nature on its doorstep. Plus, where else can you surf and snowboard in the same day? Outside of work, Stephanie is raising her son Reef, with her husband, who’s an avid surfer and snowboarder. Together they chase winter storms in Utah and Canada to catch fresh powder, and awesome swells in Costa Rica. Stephanie also practiced Bikram Yoga finding joy in its extreme vigorous and discipled practice that benefits the body in incredible ways.

Ratings Certifications through WCC, Dr. Mark Hyman and Tim Null

University of California, Los Angeles
Bachelor of Science, Applied Mathematics 2008

Email: skrell@KHLlawyers.com