Tameka Saxton

Tameka is a Legal Assistant and the Office Manager for the Bay Area (San Jose) office. She has worked at Karlin, Hiura & LaSota since August 2016, but has been in the Workers’ Compensation community since 2003. Initially, she was looking for a receptionist position while in school, starting at Stander, Reubens, Thomas & Kinsey. Tameka’s curiosity inspired her supervisor at the time to teach the eager receptionist more about the world, allowing her to shift from receptionist to assistant in 6 months. She continues to enjoy learning more about the Workers’ Compensation system and the structure of her position, as well as how she can help others to learn and is consistently busy in the role. Prior to Workers’ Compensation, she worked as a secretary in different fields, including insurance, computers and a print company. But it is in the world of Workers’ Compensation that Tameka has found the most work fulfillment. The mother of 4 sons, they are Tameka’s passion.